Bitmap FontRotator and editor

It started as internal tool for some MCU and LCD/OLED screens. After some time, program matured and it is quite usefull tool.
The program can edit 8 bit wide binary data, font (height of the font is changable): move bits, apply some bitwise logic operations with bitmask (OR, XOR, AND). Move bits, move bits with rotation, change bit order, mirror, for 8x8 font: rotate, flip ir both directions (vertical and horizontal).
Program can open any file as binary, save output as binary or C source code. Import and export IntelHEX (hex) files.
It is possible to attach font description file (XML) to keep comments and font configuration data.

Fontrotator free bitmap font editor manual.

Small screen:
font rotator editor
Current download may differ a bit for this screenshot as program is improved frequently.

Install exe file

MS Visual studio default publish page.