Google deleted me

Three days ago, I noticed that mine non commercial web paged didn't have any rank. One month ago the ranks was 5. Now it is 0. I entered “site:" command in google search and didn't received any answer. I checked more and discovered that whole domain is deleted from google. There were more than thousand pages listed in google- from selfmade hardware for amiga computer to Lithuanian fauna lovers pages. And this blog is deleted too.

Google banned me
I am deleted!

It is pity, as this domain was not spoiled with trash site and is my oldest work. In fact this domain can be older than google itself. I wrote letter to google, but received only robot mail that they are not responsible for anything. In other words they said “go and fuck yourself".

Let’s wait few days…

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  1. Administrator Says:

    Google wrote:

    Thank you for your reply. We have passed your message on to our engineers
    for review. Please note that we are unable to provide updates for
    individual sites. If a change is made to the way your site is indexed, you
    will see this change reflected in Google after some time. We are sorry we
    cannot be of further assistance in this matter.

    The Google Team

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